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My Daily Beauty Must-Haves

Sharing My Everyday Clean Coverage Favorites!

SO. GOOD. Double Down, Friend!

Concealer. It is one of those things that you think you don’t need…and then you use it and you’re like “damn, who is she“!? You feeling me? I am so excited to share the latest and greatest that I have been using religiously since I got my sneak preview a few weeks ago!

Clean, Buildable Coverage…CLICK HERE to find your shade!

First – let me back up for one second. Back in May, Beautycounter – my hands-down favorite clean beauty brand – launched a “featherweight foundation” called Skin Twin. I don’t even wear foundation – but I will wear this one. And I actually enjoy it because it feels like a treatment for my skin – not a product I am applying to cover up my skin. It feels weightless, is super hydrating, and extremely breathable. I can’t recommend it enough. I am wearing LIGHT 230: Light W/ Golden Undertones. It is unmatched!

 Weightless, long-wearing, natural-looking coverage that feels like a second skin – A WIN!

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Beautycounter was launching Skin Twin’s new best friend – the Skin Twin Creamy Concealer. And it’s soooooo GOOD. I am wearing Light 2 – Light with Golden-Yellow Undertones.

Tip: For a brighter, wide-awake look, select a shade one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone..

This creamy (it feels so luxurious!) concealer works double time by diffusing imperfections and signs of fatigue in an instant for brighter-looking skin, while powerhouse ingredients like knotgrass extract are known to help support the appearance of smoother, firmer skin. Sign this tired mother UP!

The “Flawless Finish” Trifecta

I think the clean beauty gods must have been thinking let’s go ahead and make this a triple threat! This new “Better Blender” makeup sponge is made with a super-soft and fluffy latex-free material which is so easy to work with…and it didn’t absorb my product the way that a lot of blenders do. Which is nice when you’re investing in the products you put on your face! The three-sided design helps gives you a flawless finish from every angle to: Build , Blend and Buff. It is truly the best tool to give you that final “polish” for that seamless, second-skin feel. Brilliant!

THE BETTER BLENDER: Build, Blend, Buff.

Details on the full look: I am wearing Beautycounter’s Flawless in Five set ($150 for x6 key products). Here are my shades:

  • Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation in Light 230
  • Skin Twin Creamy Concealer in Light 2
  • Brilliant Brow Gel in Light
  • Volumizing Mascara
  • Satin Powder Blush in Date
  • Beyond Gloss in Brûlée

Hit me up if I can help you with shade selection – you can always book a virtual session with me and I can help! Click here to book an appointment.

My Flawless in Five Roundup + The BETTER BLENDER

Here’s to cleaning up your act…or at least your makeup kit!