Jammies w. Serious Style

Yes, I am still on the leisure clothes train and have to share this light gray pajama ensemble because it is a TKO!

I recently had the “I deserve better” talk (with myself) and decided it was time to let go of some of my favorite lounge wear…some of those pieces have had a rough few years, to say the least.  A pregnancy, postpartum, quarantine, a global pandemic, life with a toddler.  They worked really hard but it was time for us to part ways.  

That is where this Pajama T-shirt (a ribbed crew neck with drop shoulders) and Pants (high waist, drawstring, straight & wide leg) from H&M come in – and they are FABULOUS.  Cute, comfy, cool – the trifecta.  The material is like butter and I am loving the length on the pajama pants (PJ pants are tough – a lot of the time I end up with clam diggers). Not to mention the price tag is pretty yummy, too – $34.99.

Stop the scroll and treat yourself.  Click here to treat yourself.

Are you team sweatpants or do you prefer hard pants?!  Comment below! 



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