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When my friend introduced me to Beautycounter I had no idea that the products I was using on my skin, my largest organ, were potentially loaded with harmful ingredients – and I was shocked!  And I realized that if I was unaware of this, there must be so many others that have no idea, either.  Initially I enrolled as a consultant because I love all the products and the discount was appealing.  But when I began to learn more about the brand, I fell completely in love with this B-corporation and everything it stands for.  The opportunity to build a business that is financially rewarding, while simultaneously having social impact is a unique one.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, they sell safer personal care products and cosmetics for women & families free of 1,500 questionable and harmful ingredients (did you know the U.S. only bans 30 while Europe bans over 1,400?!). While the products are amazing and luxurious without being crazy expensive, the mission of getting safer products in the hands of everyone is what really sold me. I’ve become increasingly passionate about my own health and wellness over the past several years and I love that Beautycounter is creating products that safeguard my long-term health. I created a whole page of facts here* if you’re interested in learning more about why safer skincare really is worth it!

P.S. If you ever, ever have any questions about skincare, wellness, or anything related to that, please reach out!  I am certainly no expert, but I love sharing my experience and being able to provide helpful feedback when I can!