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Meet Virginia

Hi!  My name is Virginia (that is probably obvious!), and I am a wife, mom (3 girls, ages 2-10), and entrepreneur.  I love life! But I need a solid 9 hrs / night to really do it well. I love to laugh! I love to set a beautiful table, and prepare a great meal to share with my people – this is my love language. A fresh mani / blowout / great glass of red wine / a good book / and a hot bath are my top 5 leisure activities! Working in my garden is good for my soul, and so is breaking a daily sweat (not hard, living in FL). 

I am an entrepreneur, and my work is an extension of the things that make me happy, and my desire to share that joy with others. In 2013 started my business, “Edit by Virginia”, with a new baby, one on the way, and living in a new city.  I create beautiful spaces that my clients love coming home to, I share my favorite decor + clean beauty + food + style finds, and tips for a simple, beautiful life. I am passionate about helping other women make it happen (that can look like anything from launching a business w. Beautycounter and earning extra money, to showing them simple ways to create a beautiful space & enjoy a special meal with their people). Simply put: I want to help busy women live their best lives!

Let me help you make life simple & beautiful – email me!

xo, Virginia