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5 Easy Tips to Elevate Your Bedroom NOW

I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is where I spend time regenerating, resetting, refreshing (really all the positive “re-words”). It is my sanctuary! But while we’re social-distancing and, thus, spending more and more time at home, I realized perhaps I can share a few tips to help you make your space feel special. 

NUMBER 1: Don’t be afraid to go bold! I selected the fabric for this this tall, wide upholstered headboard 9 years ago and it still feels relevant! It is a showpiece and is the central focal point for the room. The fun fabric brings interest, while enabling the integration of eclectics. It also makes it easy to keep the bedding to a simple color palette without risking being “boring”.

NUMBER 2: A Great Chair. A reading nook in the master bedroom will earn you some major bonus points, style-wise and beyond. It gives the space added intrigue and makes it feel more personalized. My girls love to snuggle in with a throw blanket to read or have some alone time on their various devices, and this is where I find myself when I am attempting to have a private phone call. Note the word attempt here. 😉

NUMBER 3: Mix it up! My nightstands don’t match. So what! The mahogany vanity is a family heirloom that I wanted to work in, and the raffia nightstand from Serena & Lily is part beach, part modern but is also a unique, hand crafted piece (artisans wrap the nightstand by hand in woven raffia, then give it five coats of clear lacquer for a clean finish). So while they don’t match, they both have the same unique, artisan vibe.

The key here to making it all work is that the triple gourd white lamps (by Safavieh, from Amazon) match and also keep things consistent with the white bedding. The lamps also have gold detail, which is threaded through the room here and there (hardware, picture frames, mirrors, etc). Bonus tip: make sure your nightstands have drawers. If you know me at all you know one thing: I can’t STAND clutter…therefore, I love a drawer on a nightstand to hide things like remotes, ear buds, hand lotion etc.

NUMBER 4: Layer your bedding for a cozy yet stylish retreat. I went all out with pillows, euro shams, monogrammed shams, and a couple oversized lumbar pillows (made using the reverse side of the headboard fabric remnants – brilliant if I do say so!). I also like to use a coverlet (it is an absolute must that the coverlet be large enough to conceal the bedsheets) and a duvet folded up at the foot of the bed. The different sizes and design details make for a more interesting mix and ensure comfort. If you’re looking for more bedding layout inspiration this guide from Serena & Lily is a fabulous resource!

NUMBER 5: I love the look of mixing pattern play – note the buffalo check euro shams, which coordinate with but do not match the “confetti” duvet cover (both from Ballard Designs). The sofa is upholstered with a fabric that coordinates with the headboard fabric and pillows, and the bed is anchored with a bench covered with a kilim rug – a detail that gives the room a modern, global feel.

FINAL, BONUS TIP: Tidy up. So simple, right?! A little basic housekeeping goes a long way. I keep my sheets fresh with this easy-to-make linen spray with essential oils (serenity now!) and I also make the bed (almost) every day first thing when I wake up. I am also pretty good about making sure laundry is put away in drawers (I hate that part), shoes are where they go, and dirty clothes are in the hamper. Granted, this is more of an organization and cleanliness tip, but don’t let that belie its importance: A cluttered bedroom never looks luxurious.

If you would like more tips on giving your space a refresh, don’t hesitate to reach out! I do virtual consultations and I would love to help you. You know how to find me.