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The Ultimate Glow-Up!

Are you ready for this before and after??  I have got to say…this might be one of my favorite “glow-ups” to date!

Here are two images from the “before” photos taken a mere 6 months ago:

And now, for the “after”….

Amazing, right!? What you see here is a completely reimagined layout. Tones of gray and blue infuse a classic, serene vibe, while elegant accents and textures deliver a layered, calming effect.

The overall objective for this project was to infuse style and personality, while increasing the functionality of the space.  Designing a rather large custom media built-in was the anchor piece of this layout, and in order to center the sofa off of the built-in, that meant I had to find spatial balance somewhere…

By removing the kitchen countertop bar and converting it to a simple pony (or knee) wall, we could shift the dining area several feet toward the back corner of the room, creating space for a more centered living space layout. A corner banquette seat (no photo, sorry – it is back-ordered) is an understated, practical, and effortlessly stylish solution for tricky living and dining spaces, and I can’t wait to show you once it has arrived!

We also removed the overhead ceiling fan that was centered on the ceiling, and installed the two square frame and sheer chandeliers (Shades of Light) instead, which contribute to a balanced layout as well.

The L-shaped sofa (Joybird) draws company into the room, and wide barrel swivel chairs on the far wall provide versatile seating options.  Textured curtain panels, round ottomans nestled under the console table provide storage as well as additional seating, and coordinating rugs and artwork provide a seamless transition from living room to hallway.

The furniture plan lays the foundation and symmetry, the specific furnishing, fabrics, finishes and artwork layer in the function and style.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this space turned out for my wonderful clients, and I am so grateful to them for trusting me to help them polish what’s already there.

Whether you’re looking for an updated living room – or crave my influence around your entire home (who wouldn’t), I can help with whatever is on your wishlist.  Click here to learn more about my styling sessions, or email me to see about booking a consult.