BEYOND GLOSS? Absolutely!

“I want to switch to clean products, but where should I start?”. I get this question ALL. THE. TIME. And I love this question because the answer is simple.

When it comes to switching to safer, an easy, every day product that is a super easy, yet very important, swap: LIP GLOSS.  After all, you ingest what you are putting on your lips – so naturally this is a basic, good place to start, right? Right. And Beautycounter’s new lip gloss is such a level up, it makes it a no-brainer to switch to a clean option. It’s Smooth, Shiny, Smells Amazing, and is Sustainably Sourced – what more could you possibly ask for in a lip gloss?

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re wearing less makeup than usual these days. That said, I feel sooo much better when I put in just a smidge of effort.  For me that means grooming my brows, a dusting of bronzer, and a touch of lip gloss. Cue in Beautycounter’s new BEYOND GLOSS.  Not only does it go on super smooth and keep my lips soft and hydrated, but it delivers the perfect subtle, shiny color.  IT IS SO GOOD. Also, not giving me cancer. Bonus points!

And did I mention that all 14 shades are pretty much universally flattering??  Pretty nudes, a glittery clear, and several pinks and berries.  Formulated with a blend of waxes to lock in moisture, this gloss delivers cushiony color and a sophisticated scent – it hydrates and moisturizes without making your lips sticky. Yay!  And again…no cancer causing ingredients. Winning!

And, of course, there’s also responsibly sourced vanilla that makes this lip gloss smell so sweet and yummy (none of the artificial nonsense here, friends). And by “ethically sourced” I mean certified-organic vanilla that has been sourced from small-holder farmers in Madagascar to ensure “fair compensation, clean drinking water, and access to healthcare and education for the farmers and their families”.

Vanilla has an extremely complicated and convoluted supply chain, and for a deeper dive on the complexities of this ingredient please click here for an Allure magazine profile piece on Beautycounter’s dedication to ingredient transparency (in this particular case, vanilla).

My ride or die shade right now is Sienna, the perfect color for fall with just a hint of toasted raisin, and sheer enough for every day wear. I am also obsessing over Rasberry – a sheer bright pink that really lends itself to that “splash” of color that I love on occasion. To be honest though, I truly love every color!!! I am telling you that “beyond gloss” has more pigment than any gloss I have ever used – and incredible staying power. It is truly BEYOND GLOSS.

I would love to help you find YOUR ride or die shade! Meet me over video chat to shop from the comfort of your couch (for free). Simply message me (Email me here) to set up a time that accommodates your schedule, or you can find your perfect shade here.

Swipe, pucker, smile.



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