What is E-Decorating and how does it work?

E-Decorating is a new design option from Edit by Virginia that gives clients the opportunity to retain Virginia Bell’s interior design services, regardless of their physical location.  This design approach is ideal for anyone who would like professional design help at a fraction of the cost of a traditional decorator.  Some clients may have a limited budget or may only be interested in focusing on one room at a time. Others may prefer to have a more independent approach, but would like some professional guidance. Complete the style questionnaire and provide photos and measurements of the rooms you want to decorate.  In two to three weeks, you will receive an e-inspiration board with color palettes, fabric swatches, furniture picks, even artwork.  Then let your DIY instincts kick in, and adapt as many of Virginia’s suggestions as time and money will allow.

How do I get started?
Complete and submit the information sheet along with the six low-resolution images requested and room measurements (please see “how to measure” page). All information is sent electronically to virginiabell@editbyvirginia.com. Nothing is mailed.

What do I receive with E-Decorating?
As an Edit by Virginia E-Decorating client, you will receive everything you need to bring the room of your dreams to life. Your e-inspiration board will include design concepts such as furnishings, art & accessories, wallpaper & paint, etc.; a floor plan showing the placement of your furniture, paint color samples, a detailed shopping list of all the design elements (which can all be purchased locally or online), and tips on how to put your new space together.

How long does the E-Decorating process take?
Once your information sheet, room images, measurements, inspiration links and payment have been received, the design process begins. Virginia will design each room, one at a time, and each room design will take approximately two to three weeks to be completed and sent back to you. If your project involves multiple rooms or an entire home or office, please email Edit by Virginia for a time estimate.

Rates & Payment:

Bedrooms / Living Rooms / Kitchens / Den or Entertainment Rooms / $500

Patio / Dining Room / Breakfast Room / Home Office / $400

Bathrooms / Entry Ways / Hallways / $350

Additional Options (price per room):
$100 – floor plan only using your existing furniture
$50 – paint selection only (3 color options)

Room design will begin once payment has been received in full.  You will receive an invoice for payment via Paypal when the information and measurement sheet, room images and inspiration links have been submitted.

All designs are non-refundable. If you have more questions or require more time on the room, an additional hourly fee for phone calls, emails, and additional research will be assessed.

Ready to get started? Click on the link below to fill out the information sheet, then email room images, inspiration links and measurements to virginiabell@editbyvirginia.com, and, finally submit your payment through Paypal. You will receive a confirmation email that we have everything we need to begin working on your project!


Download our “How to Measure” guide



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