Avery’s Big Girl Room = Man Cave Upgrade

My husband is an avid reader (strictly non-fiction….yeah, I know).  I am “stealing” his bookcase for Avery’s new big-girl room, so his cherished books will be replaced with vintage Madame Alexander dolls, an heirloom Nippon tea set, and other miscellaneous girly collectibles that I am so excited to finally put on display where they belong.   However, I digress – I HAVE A PLAN for said books.  And this plan involves an upgrade for the “man cave”.  Custom bookcases!  With a built-in bar!   We have the perfect wall for it – complete with a centered window.  Wouldn’t a perch like this be perfect for his assortment of bourbons on a silver tray? Can you see it?

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.16.57 PM

Photo via Everything LEB

I think I’ll go ahead and include the wine fridge.  Maybe even throw in the fish tank he’s always wanted in one of the shelves on either side of the window.  Here I go again!  Always have to push it just a little over the top.  My main concern is whether I will ever see my husband again if I trick out his man cave with refrigeration?  If he doesn’t even have to leave the room to get a fresh, cold beer…..hmmmm.  Maybe I’ll nix the fridge.  He can deal.  Thoughts?

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