Roman Holiday

We leave for our long-awaited Rome, Italy trip ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  I have realized that vacation planning is vastly different when you are a parent.  In my pre-mom days I would have spent time here and there researching Rome, gathering recommendations from friends, and maybe even learning some conversational Italian from the moment I […]


Avery’s Big Girl Room = Man Cave Upgrade

My husband is an avid reader (strictly non-fiction….yeah, I know).  I am “stealing” his bookcase for Avery’s new big-girl room, so his cherished books will be replaced with vintage Madame Alexander dolls, an heirloom Nippon tea set, and other miscellaneous girly collectibles that I am so excited to finally put on display where they belong.   […]


Obsession: Bubble Glass Chandelier

So.  I am dying to replace the overhead fixture in our dining room.  The existing one is okay, and fulfills it’s perfunctory role of illuminating the table, but I’d really like to get something spectacular.  I’ve been fantasizing about this chandelier since we moved in a year ago…which coincidentally, was featured in the February 2012 […]